16TH century style oak panelled room
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16th Century Style Oak Panelling and Window Seat // Project 1190


The oak panelled window seat in this hallway library was designed to make use of a previous door way no longer needed. We created a faux door way from the outside and on the interior, a lovely area was designed to sit and read in, the natural light now pours in from this previously dark area.

The panelling features a Gothic 16th century style hand carved parchment design, this was used to create some decoration to the panelling without being over fussy. We also had the task of matching the colour and texture of the joinery to the existing woodwork and wall panelling in this area. Now the library is enjoyed daily and it really looks like an original feature of this period property.  

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16TH century style oak panelled room
oak panelled window seat
Gothic style oak panelled room with a window seat
16th, 17th century style oak panelling
oak panelled room with Tudor style oak window and seat